Cleaning of Photovoltaic Systems

The Regular Cleaning of Photovoltaic Systems is the Most Important Factor for Stable Income!

To refinance a photovoltaic system through the feed-in remuneration within the average of 12 years, the feed-in values which have been taken as a basis for the calculation need to stay approximately the same.

But what if dirt particles – due to environmental influences and air pollution – accumulate on and burn in the photovoltaic system?

Even if the layers of air filter caused by dirt particles cannot be seen with the naked eye, the efficiency of your system is hindered and the electricity feed, thus feed-in remuneration, is reduced. Losses of around 3 % – 20 % per year (depending on the type of use of the building) are with increasing tendency no rarity.

To be able to sustain the feed-in values and thus the refinancing of the system, a cleaning of the modules is compulsorily needed.

The cleaning costs for your photovoltaic system are tax-deductible as such systems are operated commercially.

Cleaning of Photovoltaic Systems

Necessity for the Cleaning of Photovoltaic Systems

The cleaning of photovoltaics is – contrary to amateurish presumptions – compulsorily needed, namely on a regular basis.

He who cleans on a regular basis – saves money! The cleaning costs are generally not higher than the loss of earnings of one year.

Tremendously high degree of soiling at:

  1. Chicken breeding farms
  2. Pig fattening farms
  3. Cattle fattening farms
  4. Sugar beet growing facilities
  5. Agricultural machine halls
  6. Areas with lots of industry
  7. Photovoltaic systems near to train routes or busy roads.

Cleaning of Photovoltaic Systems

Example Calculation Profitability

Cost-benefit calculation of a 40 kWp system

Feed-in remuneration for 40,000 kWp per year x 0.43 € around 17,200 € per year

Degree of soiling
Around 5 %

Feed loss due to soiling
Around 860 €

Degree of soiling
Around 10 %

Feed loss due to soiling
Around 1,720 €

Degree of soiling
Around 15 %

Feed loss due to soiling
Around 2,580 €

Depending on the year of the construction of the system, a different percentage of the degree of soiling can be calculated in relation to the rate of return.

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Cleaning of Photovoltaic Systems

Before / After Image Gallery

More than 50 % additional yield after our cleaning of this photovoltaic system! Status as of 12th of November 2013

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