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Successfully Shape Your Future with the Unique WERTHMANN® Franchise Concept.

WERTHMANN® Franchise is Germany-wide the first franchisor in the area of cleaning of photovoltaics. We offer comprehensive professional service in Germany. With our franchisees we are on site for our customers and clean reliably.

As an associated member of the German Franchise Association, we train our partners based on long-standing experience regarding high-quality, professional, resource-saving and warranty maintaining cleaning of photovoltaics.

WERTHMANN® Franchise - The Successful Concept

What Does That Mean for Me?

  • You are an independent entrepreneur.
  • You invest your capital in your own system operation.
  • As an entrepreneur you are going to establish and lead this system operation independently and self responsibly. In the process, we actively support you.
  • You apply our business concept in your system operation.
  • In applying the business concept in your system operation, you cannot always decide freely, even if you are an entrepreneur. This is inevitable as our community can only accomplish a unified brand image through the consistent application of the business concept.
  • You are not alone. We are by your side!

Each operation is associated with risk. Like every entrepreneur, you carry this entrepreneurial risk. That is why we inform you extensively. We put enhanced emphasis not only on you recognising the opportunities, but also on you assessing the risk realistically. You are highly welcome to look at a sample contract, detailed information and especially the figures of already existing system operations with us personally in a training classroom in Schonungen. Did we arouse your interest? Then arrange a meeting now!

Data and Facts

Franchising Since
Franchise Partners (D)
Locations (D)
Investment Sum *
Equity **
Entry Fee
Ongoing Fee
*  A part of the necessary equipment and tools can be rented from the franchisor. There is also the possibility to lease the company transporter. In doing so, the investment sum will be reduced.
** Ideally, 15-20 % equity is present. Nevertheless, it is possible to become a franchisee with only small or no equity at all. In principal, a financial commitment by the house bank is available for the franchisee.

WERTHMANN® Franchise

The Contents of the Franchise Contract

In franchising, it became habitual to summarise the contents of the franchise contract by such information packages. We don’t want to be an exception. However, we believe you can catch up much better on these contents if you have the contract on the table before you. That’s why you can look at a sample contract and detailed information at our training centre in Schonungen.

Here is an overview of the most important contract contents:
Content of the franchise partnership, description of the contract rights.

  • Transfer of the franchise licence.
  • Regulation for implementations regarding modifications of the concept.
  • List of services of the franchisor.
  • Regulation for obligations of the franchisee.
  • Organisation of advertising and marketing.
  • Regulation for transfer of know-how, delivery of the manual and compliance of the guidelines.
  • Regulation for building the system operation, acquisition of the business equipment and the necessary authorisations.
  • Organisation of goods purchase.
  • Recommendation for accounting, operating obligations, rights to control.
  • Entry fee: one-time 100,000 € plus VAT. In return, the franchisee receives training courses, manuals, start-up support and integration into the system.
  • Franchise fee: 9.25 % of net sales plus VAT.
  • Confidentiality rules to protect know-how.
  • Non-competition agreement, post-contractual non-competition agreement, ban on poaching employees within the franchise system.
  • Contract term: 5 years with an extension option.
  • Regulations for the termination of the franchise contract and for post-contractual obligations (e.g. omission of brand utilisation).
  • Right of the franchisor to take over the system operation after contract termination by purchasing it.
  • Penalties for violating obligations.

We would like to discuss a sample contract, detailed information and figures of our system operations with you personally in our training room in Schonungen. Just give us a call and arrange a meeting!

We Are Looking for Franchisees!

What You Should Know about Franchising!

In franchising, a company with a successful business concept provides the opportunity for independent operators to use this business concept in their own companies. In other words: Franchising is the licence for a business concept. The operators (referred to as „franchisees“) have the opportunity to use the success of such a business concept. At the same time and like any self-employed person, they carry the entrepreneurial risk. However, they receive continuous support from headquarters (referred to as “franchisor”). A strong community develops in this way, a network, a franchise system, which is seen as a consistent chain on the market.

Franchising has emerged by the end of the 19th century in the USA. By now it is popular all over the world. Franchising is the basis of many brands which are seen as branch systems by customers. The image in our pedestrian zones is shaped by franchise systems. Furthermore, company start-ups benefit from franchising, which is the reason why it is seen as a chance for our economy by politics.

Gilbert Werthmann

Gilbert Werthmann
(Founder and Holder of WERTHMANN® Franchise)

WERTHMANN® Franchise

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WERTHMANN® Franchise

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