Cleaning of Photovoltaics

Protection of income through the regular cleaning of photovoltaics.

Cleaning of Photovoltaics

Why you can save more money through the regular cleaning of photovoltaics?

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Surplus income by the professional cleaning of photovoltaics.

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Good Reasons for the Regular Cleaning of Photovoltaics

  • Removal of soiling with ultrapure water
    (ecological and resource-saving)
  • Stainless and streak-free drying
  • Cleaning without chemicals
    (100 % organic and environmentally friendly)
  • Maintenance of the manufacturer warranty
  • Affordable, fast and efficient cleaning of photovoltaics by specifically trained pro-partners
  • Increase of efficiency
  • Long-term cost reduction of photovoltaic systems
  • Detection and elimination of risks of damage to modules
  • Compliance of inspection obligations
    (Photovoltaic systems have to be examined and maintained on a regular basis in accordance with VDE 0105-100 and VDE 0126-23)
  • Tax-deductible
  • Avoidance of risks of personal injuries

Professional Cleaning of Your Solar and Photovoltaic System‎

Long-standing Experience and Expertise Guarantee a Professional and Effective Cleaning of Your Photovoltaic or Solar System.

Our catchment area for the cleaning of photovoltaics extends from the North See to Lake Constance. There will be no surcharges for overnight stays and travel. We usually start the cleaning within three working days after procurement and finish the work short-term. Your photovoltaic or solar system is cleaned solely on the basis of ultrapure water – without chemicals and/or cleaning agents – to maintain the manufacturer warranty of the modules.

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We are looking forward to working for you and already today we assure you diligent execution of the cleaning work.

Your Profit through Our Cleaning of Photovoltaics

To Secure Income, the Cleaning of Photovoltaics Is Absolutely Necessary!

We professionally clean your photovoltaic or solar system with special cleaning devices, 100 % ultrapure water and without cleaning agents or solvents. No matter if roof system, open space, private or industry, we are equipped for every system type.

Our cleaning teams are, according to demand, accompanied by an experienced electrical engineer in the area of photovoltaics to point out possible already existing damages or defects of the photovoltaic system.

Surplus Income through Cleaning

Calculate, Clean and Save!

Example: 100 kWp system

Year of construction systemRemuneration per year maximumReduced income in case of 10 % soilingReduced income in case of 20 % soiling
200551.300 €5.130 €10.260 €
200648.740 €4.874 €9.748 €
200746.820 €4.682 €9.364 €
200843.990 €4.399 €8.798 €
200939.580 €3.958 €7.916 €
201029.730 €2.973 €5.946 €
201125.860 €2.586 €5.172 €
201221.980 €2.198 €4.396 €
201314.400 €1.440 €2.880 €

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